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San Diego, California
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Presentations by Dr. Robert Fox

View      Report on Sjogren's from 2009 ACR (Philadelphia) free account required to view
Download    01-Hanoi: Sjögren's syndrome - Diagnosis and Treatment (PowerPoint)
Download    03-Hanoi: Sjögren's syndrome - Emerging Therapies (PowerPoint)
Download    10 Migraine in Sjogrens. (PowerPoint)
Download    11-Long Covid. (PowerPoint)
Download    12 PANLAR Sjögren’s Syndrome - Evolving Therapies. (PowerPoint)
Download    2015 Bergen - Theory to Practice (PowerPoint)
Download    2015 Karolinka - Sjogren’s SS-A and SS-B antigens. (PowerPoint)
Download    2015 Karolinski - Theory to Practice (PowerPoint)
Download    2015 St. Petersberg - Pediatric Sjogren’s Syndrome (PowerPoint)
Download    2015 St. Petersberg - Rituximax in Sjogren's Syndrome. (PowerPoint)
Download    2016 New Delhi - Management of Sjögren’s Syndrome  (PowerPoint)
Download    2018 Sjögren's syndrome Symposium - Summary & Directions Forward (PowerPoint)
Download    8 Long Haul COVID. (PowerPoint)
Download    ACR State of the Art Lecture Sjogren’s Syndrome 9.14 (PowerPoint)
Download    Anti-phospholipid syndrome Update 9.1.14. (PowerPoint)
Download    Antiphospholipid Syndrome ADARRC. (PowerPoint)
Download    Emerging Therapies Sjögren’s Syndrome (PowerPoint)
Download    FSR - Approches To Diagnosis 2014 (PowerPoint)
Download    IRACON (Indian Rheumatology Conference):Sjögren’s-Overview of Systemic Treatment (PowerPoint)
Download    IRACON (Indian Rheumatology Conference):Update on New Criteria. (PowerPoint)
Download    Ischia: Sjögren-Systemic Treatment (PowerPoint)
Download    Kyoto - Update on Sjorgren's Therapy 2013 (PowerPoint)
Download    LA Rheum. Society - New Advances in SS (PowerPoint)
Download    Montana Symposium for Irv Weisman of Stanford. (PowerPoint)
Download    New Directions in Therapy for Sjogren's Syndrome ACR 2013 (PowerPoint)
Download    Overview of Sjogren's syndrome (PowerPoint)
Download    Pathogenesis of Sjögren's syndrome (PowerPoint)
Download    Sjogren's Syndrome: SC Rheum Society talk 1.25.11 (PowerPoint)
Download    Sjogren's Update 9.1.14 (PowerPoint)
Download    Sjogren's syndrome: Pathogenesis and New Directions for Therapy (PowerPoint)
Download    Sjögren's Special Interest Group: Thoughts About Going Forward. (PowerPoint)
Download    Sjögren's Syndrome: Difficult Case Presentation (PowerPoint)
Download    Sjögren's syndrome: Role for Cevimeline (PowerPoint)
Download    Sjögren's syndrome: Theory to Practice (PowerPoint)
Download    Sjögren’s Syndrome ADARRC Continuing Education (PowerPoint)
Download    Sjögren’s Syndrome and Migraine. (PowerPoint)
Download    Sjögren’s Syndrome: An Unmet Therapeutic Need (PowerPoint)
Download    Summary of 14th International Sjögren’s Symposium (PowerPoint)
Download    Tokyo SS Society - Overview of Therapy 2013 (PowerPoint)
Download    Toronto:Sjögren’s Syndrome Education Day (PowerPoint)
Download  View   Toronto:Sjögren’s Syndrome Education Day Learning Objective Outline
Download    Treatment of Sjögren's in 2010: Opportunities and Challenges (PowerPoint)
Download    Waco: Diagnostic Criteria for Sjögren's syndrome. (PowerPoint)

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